Tadpole, by Jean-Claude Rozec

Jean-Claude Rozec

2019 — 13’39

FIPRESCI Award – Annecy International Animation Film Festival

Executive producer : Colette Quesson


I was very young, but I still remember it very well. Mom and Dad didn’t see anything, but I knew right away. The thing in the crib wasn’t my little brother. No. It was you. You already had that funny face. And then you smelled… Huh, Tadpole?


Screenplay and direction

Jean-Claude Rozec

Animation : Jules Garreau, Lisa Klemenz, Alexis Poligné, Apolline Rabot, Jean-Claude Rozec, Tom Villar

Animation assistants : Jeanne Girard, Alice Viry

Colors & Compositing : Jean-Claude Rozec

Original soundtrack : Arnaud Bordelet

Sound design / sound editing : Kevin Feildel

Foley : Marie Mazière

Sound mix : Frédéric Hamelin

Production Manager : Emmanuelle Jacq

Production secretary : Inès Lumeau

Production intern : Maëva Ferdonnet

Logistics manager : Tom Folie


Gaspard : Léane Coulibaly

Lola : Elisa Le Bel-Sorel

The mom : Solène Quintin

The dad : Jules Garreau

Production credits

A PERTE DE VUE, in coproduction with Arte France, TVR, TébéO et TébéSud

With the support of CNC avant réalisation, of Région Bretagne & SACEM.


ANNECY International Animation Film Festival 2019, FIPRESCI Award on international competition

ANGERS Ateliers d’Angers 2019 outdoors projection

BOURG Animation Film for Youth Festival (Out of competition)

RUSSIA Festival Insomnia de Moscou 2019

SPAIN Catalogne Festival international du film fantastique de Catalogne 2019

SOUTH KOREA Bucheon International Animation Festival, Official Selection, 2019