2018 — 87’

National theatrical release 7 août 2019 – Local Films Distribution

Moroccan National release 4 juin 2019 – Younès Productions


Hossein, a teenage boy who is connected to the increasingly globalized world, dreams of a freer future far from his native Tangier. His mother Naïma, however, is determined not to let him follow in his brothers’ tragic footsteps, and takes him to the south against his will. In this new setting he gets his first taste of romantic love and disillusionment, and eventually reconnects with his mother, whose devotion he had previously shunned.


Screenplay and direction

Olivier Coussemacq


Hossein : Jamil Idrissi / Naïma : Jalila Talemsi / Tante Zahra : Asmaa El Hadrami / Oncle Mokhtar : Mohamed Quatib / Farid : Saïd El Mokhtari / Najet : Rim Fethi / Delphine : Pauline Discry / Abdessamad : Soufiane Loukrissi / Mohamed : Hossein Senby / Karima : Fadwa Taleb / Jeune belge : Hamza Kadri / Hamid : Solaiman Rossi / Omar : Aymane Rhalib

Artistic and technical crew

Musique originale: Sarah Murcia / Directeur de la photographie : Jean-Pierre Renaudat / Chef opérateur du son : Nicolas Waschkowski / Chef monteur : Julien Cadilhac / Etalonneur : Pierre Bouchon / Monteuse son : Corinne Gigon / Mixeur : Frédéric Hamelin / Costumière : Anissa Reggab / Chef décorateur : Abdelmajid Ait Faqih

Production credits

Produced by Local films & À Perte de Vue, in coproduction with Awman productions

With avance sur recettes from Moroccan Cinematographic Center, with the support of Région Bretagne, in partnership with CNC, with the participation of TV5 Monde & CNC. Project developed within the frame of IVth coproduction forum transpyrenean – San Sebastien Film Festival, & Holland Film Meeting – Netherlands Film Festival, & of A.C.E., Ateliers du Cinéma Européen. With the support of Developimages2 & Procirep / Angoa – Agicoa.

Prizes and Awards

MOROCCO, Ciné Plage Harhoura Festival (Rabat, 2019) : Grand Prix, Men’s interpretation Award, Cinephilie Award.

EGYPT, Alexandria Mediterranean Countries Film Festival (2019) : Meilleur film, Meilleure réalisation, Prix d’interprétation féminine.

GREECE, Greek National TV Award, Kimolos International Film Festival 2020


EGYPT, Luxor African Film Festival 2019, Alexandria Mediterranean Countries Film Festival 2019

FRANCE, Rencontres du Sud d’Avignon 2019, Festival Montreurs d’Images 2019

MOROCCO, Panorama du Festival de Tanger 2019

RUSSIA, Moscow Film Festival 2019