2019 – 86’


Over two years, from spring 2012 until spring 2014, The Last Continent offers a subjective immersion into an evolving political experiment: the one set up by those opposed to the Great-Western Airport project in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, near Nantes in France. The film shows two portraits; one of a place, the Defended Zone, i.e. 2000 hectares of forests and prairies, and one of a few activists with diverse profiles, but who all share on a daily basis an untypical political experience.


Screenplay and direction

Paul Manaté


Sebastian URZENDOWSKY (Teivi), Blanche-Neige HURI (Yasmina), Patrick DESCAMPS (le député Gilot), Ahuura TEMARU (Eva), Angela CHAVEZ (Tante ROSA)

Artistic and technical crew

Musique originale / Olivier MELLANO

Directeur de la photographie / Amine BERRADA

Montage / Stéphanie ARAUD

Son / Philippe LECOEUR, Christophe ETRILLARD, Kevin FEILDEL, Lionel MONTABORD

Effets spéciaux / Hoël SAINLEGER

Décors / Thibaut PINTO – Antoine PROUX

Producteur / Nicolas BREVIERE

Coproducteurs / Colette QUESSON, Laurent JACQUEMIN, Lionel MONTABORD


FRANCE /Festival International du Film Océanien Tahiti 2020, Festival Travelling Rennes 2020

RUSSIA / Festival International de Moscou 2020

GREECE / Festival Unifrance du film francophone de Grèce 2020