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    2015 – 77’

    Feature documentary


    Over two years, from spring 2012 until spring 2014, The Last Continent offers a subjective immersion into an evolving political experiment: the one set up by those opposed to the Great-Western Airport project in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, near Nantes in France. The film shows two portraits; one of a place, the Defended Zone, i.e. 2000 hectares of forests and prairies, and one of a few activists with diverse profiles, but who all share on a daily basis an untypical political experience.


    Directed by

    Vincent Lapize


    Marie-Pomme Carteret

    Original music

    Pierre-Laurent Bertolino

    Sound editing and mix

    Frédéric Hamelin


    Colette Quesson, Romain Lardot et Gabrielle Gerll

    Production credits

    In coproduction with Réel Factory, Télénantes, & local TV channels from Brittany (TVR Rennes35Bretagne, TébéO et TébéSud) With the support of CNC, Bretagne, Region Poitou-Charentes Region, Vienne Departement Vienne, PROCIREP-ANGOA & with contribution of Effet Sphère & La Famille Digitale.

    Theatrical release – Dist. A Perte de Vue – Label AFCAE. 11 000 admissions France.


    MONTREAL: Festival Funambules médias, August 2016

    Selected in « Les pépites du documentaire » by Mediapart.

    Selected as one of the ten best documentaires of the year by French newspaper La Croix

    PARIS: Paris Festival Hors Pistes Beaubourg, May 2016

    LA ROCHELLE: International Film Festival, July 2016

    MELLIONEC: Documentary film encounters, June 2015

    POITIERS: Raisons d’Agir Festival, April 2015

    DOURNENEZ Festival, August 2015

    LILLE: Ecollywood -(Premiere), October 2015

    REDON: Ciné Manivel (Premiere), April 2015

    NOTRE-DAME-DES-LANDES: Université populaire anarchiste du Haut Fay, avril 2015


    A PERTE DE VUE – 27 avenue Louis Barthou – 35000 Rennes

    Colette Quesson – 06 13 33 16 17 – assistant@apertedevuefilm.fr