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    Vincent Lapize

    2015 – 77’

    Feature documentary


    Over two years, from spring 2012 until spring 2014, The Last Continent offers a subjective immersion into an evolving political experiment: the one set up by those opposed to the Great-Western Airport project in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, near Nantes in France. The film shows two portraits; one of a place, the Defended Zone, i.e. 2000 hectares of forests and prairies, and one of a few activists with diverse profiles, but who all share on a daily basis an untypical political experience.


    Directed by

    Vincent Lapize


    Marie-Pomme Carteret

    Original music

    Pierre-Laurent Bertolino

    Sound editing and mix

    Frédéric Hamelin


    Colette Quesson, Romain Lardot et Gabrielle Gerll

    Production credits

    In coproduction with Réel Factory, Télénantes, & local TV channels from Brittany (TVR Rennes35Bretagne, TébéO et TébéSud) With the support of CNC, Bretagne, Region Poitou-Charentes Region, Vienne Departement Vienne, PROCIREP-ANGOA & with contribution of Effet Sphère & La Famille Digitale.

    Theatrical release – Dist. A Perte de Vue – Label AFCAE. 11 000 admissions France.


    MONTREAL: Festival Funambules médias, August 2016

    Selected in « Les pépites du documentaire » by Mediapart.

    Selected as one of the ten best documentaires of the year by French newspaper La Croix

    PARIS: Paris Festival Hors Pistes Beaubourg, May 2016

    LA ROCHELLE: International Film Festival, July 2016

    MELLIONEC: Documentary film encounters, June 2015

    POITIERS: Raisons d’Agir Festival, April 2015

    DOURNENEZ Festival, August 2015

    LILLE: Ecollywood -(Premiere), October 2015

    REDON: Ciné Manivel (Premiere), April 2015

    NOTRE-DAME-DES-LANDES: Université populaire anarchiste du Haut Fay, avril 2015


    A PERTE DE VUE – 27 avenue Louis Barthou – 35000 Rennes

    Colette Quesson – 06 13 33 16 17 – assistant@apertedevuefilm.fr

    Vertigo, by Nicole Zeizig


    Nicole Zeizig

    2018 — 52’

    Documentary short


    In the field of love transport, boys and girls have been subjected to the toughest tests ever since. Vertigo is a film about love. Through the story of an encounter and a love affair, the narrator tries to put words on feelings and emotions that are usually kept deep inside. It is then possible to awaken the memory of other love stories. Stories that have transported and sometimes transformed each of us.

    Artistical and technical team

    Directed by

    Nicole Zeizig


    Juliette Kempf


    François Villevieille

    Production credits

    A Perte de Vue, in coproduction with Les films du Tambour de Soie, France 3 Pays de la Loire, vià Vosges, in collaboration with BIP TV.

    Brouillon d’un Rêve de la SCAM 2018 Grant. With the support of Région Bretagne (development & production), Côtes d’Armor Department (production), with the participation of CNC, PROCIREP/ANGOA & SACEM.

    Pollock & Pollock, by Isabelle Rèbre



    Isabelle Rèbre

    2019 — 90’

    In postproduction

    Executive producer : Colette Quesson


    This is the story of two brothers, two American painters, Jackson and Charles Pollock. Jackson began painting under the guidance of his elder brother Charles, and quickly rose to fame. When his life is taken from him in a car accident at 44 he has already brought a revolution into the world of painting and he becomes a legend. Charles remains a man, slowly building his art. In 2015, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice presented the works of the two brothers side by side for the very first time. In the light of the family correspondence, the film explores two different ways of being an artist: it revisits a myth and draws a painter from the shadows.

    Production credits

    In coproduction with BIP TV, with the support of Ciclic (dev), PROCIREP-ANGOA (Dev), Région Bretagne (dev & production), SACEM, with the participation of CNC.

    With the support of CNC avant réalisation, of Région Bretagne & SACEM.


    Brouillon d’un rêve SCAM grant, 2015. Selected in Eurodoc 2014.

    Tadpole, by Jean-Claude Rozec


    Jean-Claude Rozec

    2019 — 13’39

    FIPRESCI Award – Annecy International Animation Film Festival

    Executive producer : Colette Quesson


    I was very young, but I still remember it very well. Mom and Dad didn’t see anything, but I knew right away. The thing in the crib wasn’t my little brother. No. It was you. You already had that funny face. And then you smelled… Huh, Tadpole?


    Screenplay and direction

    Jean-Claude Rozec

    Animation : Jules Garreau, Lisa Klemenz, Alexis Poligné, Apolline Rabot, Jean-Claude Rozec, Tom Villar

    Animation assistants : Jeanne Girard, Alice Viry

    Colors & Compositing : Jean-Claude Rozec

    Original soundtrack : Arnaud Bordelet

    Sound design / sound editing : Kevin Feildel

    Foley : Marie Mazière

    Sound mix : Frédéric Hamelin

    Production Manager : Emmanuelle Jacq

    Production secretary : Inès Lumeau

    Production intern : Maëva Ferdonnet

    Logistics manager : Tom Folie


    Gaspard : Léane Coulibaly

    Lola : Elisa Le Bel-Sorel

    The mom : Solène Quintin

    The dad : Jules Garreau

    Production credits

    A PERTE DE VUE, in coproduction with Arte France, TVR, TébéO et TébéSud

    With the support of CNC avant réalisation, of Région Bretagne & SACEM.


    ANNECY International Animation Film Festival 2019, FIPRESCI Award on international competition

    ANGERS Ateliers d’Angers 2019 outdoors projection

    BOURG Animation Film for Youth Festival (Out of competition)

    RUSSIA Festival Insomnia de Moscou 2019

    SPAIN Catalogne Festival international du film fantastique de Catalogne 2019

    SOUTH KOREA Bucheon International Animation Festival, Official Selection, 2019

    Nomads, by Olivier Coussemaqc


    Olivier Coussemacq

    2018 — 87’

    National theatrical release 7 août 2019 – Local Films Distribution

    Moroccan National release 4 juin 2019 – Younès Productions


    Hossein, a teenage boy who is connected to the increasingly globalized world, dreams of a freer future far from his native Tangier. His mother Naïma, however, is determined not to let him follow in his brothers’ tragic footsteps, and takes him to the south against his will. In this new setting he gets his first taste of romantic love and disillusionment, and eventually reconnects with his mother, whose devotion he had previously shunned.


    Screenplay and direction

    Olivier Coussemacq


    Hossein : Jamil Idrissi / Naïma : Jalila Talemsi / Tante Zahra : Asmaa El Hadrami / Oncle Mokhtar : Mohamed Quatib / Farid : Saïd El Mokhtari / Najet : Rim Fethi / Delphine : Pauline Discry / Abdessamad : Soufiane Loukrissi / Mohamed : Hossein Senby / Karima : Fadwa Taleb / Jeune belge : Hamza Kadri / Hamid : Solaiman Rossi / Omar : Aymane Rhalib

    Artistic and technical crew

    Musique originale: Sarah Murcia / Directeur de la photographie : Jean-Pierre Renaudat / Chef opérateur du son : Nicolas Waschkowski / Chef monteur : Julien Cadilhac / Etalonneur : Pierre Bouchon / Monteuse son : Corinne Gigon / Mixeur : Frédéric Hamelin / Costumière : Anissa Reggab / Chef décorateur : Abdelmajid Ait Faqih

    Production credits

    Produced by Local films & À Perte de Vue, in coproduction with Awman productions

    With avance sur recettes from Moroccan Cinematographic Center, with the support of Région Bretagne, in partnership with CNC, with the participation of TV5 Monde & CNC. Project developed within the frame of IVth coproduction forum transpyrenean – San Sebastien Film Festival, & Holland Film Meeting – Netherlands Film Festival, & of A.C.E., Ateliers du Cinéma Européen. With the support of Developimages2 & Procirep / Angoa – Agicoa.


    EGYPT, Luxor African Film Festival 2019

    FRANCE, Rencontres du Sud d’Avignon 2019

    FRANCE, Festival Montreurs d’Images 2019

    MOROCCO, Panorama du Festival de Tanger 2019

    RUSIA, Moscow Film Festival 2019

    Color-Blind by Ben Russell


    Ben Russell

    2019 – 30′

    Short documentary

    Filmed in Polynesia and Bretagne, France.


    A deliriously synaesthetic S16mm portrait made between French Polynesia and Brittany, COLOR-BLIND recruits the restless ghost of Paul Gauguin as an uneasy spirit guide in excavating the post-postcolonial legacy of a decidedly syncretic post-post-colonial present. Featuring im/material guest appearances by: white-tipped reef sharks, Aldous Huxley’s Island, Marquesan techno, authorized Gauguin reproductions, Bretagne dance competitions, an illegal kava ceremony, the beach from the 4th season of Survivor, the long decay of French nuclear testing in Polynesia (1960-1996), and so much more.

    Opening Text Adapted From “A letter to Mette Gauguin from Paul Gauguin, 8 Dec. 1892”. 

    Fiche technique

    Director, image, sound, edit

    Ben Russell

    Artistic and technical team

    Sound Recording French Polynesia: Erwan Kerzanet

    Sound Recording Bretagne: Guillaume Cailleau

    Best Boy Bretagne: Jonathan Cailleau Slak

    Color Grading: Sergi Sanchez

    Sound Mix: Frédéric Hamelin

    Production Secretary France: Inès Lumeau

    Production Manager Germany: Jana Cisar

    Production Assistant France: Giulia Oliveri

    Production Intern: Maeva Ferdonnet

    Translation Marquesan: Michael Koch

    Translation German: Uli Ziemons

    Featuring: Freddy « Feeling Fingers » Fournier / Marc Kucharz / Yvonne Moke / Kokauani  Mahuaani / Ludovic  Puhetini / The Kimitete Kids / Angélina Mati / Pierrot Kewahana / Michael Koch / Michel Habert.


    Executive producer: Colette Quesson, A Perte de Vue

    Coproducer Germany: Guillaume Cailleau, CaSk Films

    Coproducers France: Fabrizio Polpettini, Pierre Malachin, La Bête

    Produced by A Perte de Vue, in coproduction with CaSkFilms, 

    La Bête, TVR, TébéO and Tébésud. With the support of Région Bretagne, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, 

    Procirep-Angoa and the participation of CNC.


    SWITZERLAND Locarno Festival Official selection, 2019